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Toilet Roll

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We were all ready to put our bums on the line in the name of the environment, so imagine our disappointment when we discovered that this loo roll was actually softer than the supermarket stuff we were used to. What a bummer!

Oh, and did we mention it's double length? It's more tightly wound than supermarket loo roll, making it the same price per sheet so you can save your pennies when you spend a penny.

Each roll comes individually wrapped in jazzy paper to keep things clean and tidy and give your bathroom a snappy look. And the icing on the cake: the manufacturers pour a load of their profits into building toilets for those in need.

How to use it

Err, maybe we shouldn’t go into too much detail here. But essentially it’s just a case of wiping as normal.

Made from

Recycled paper

Eco credentials

100% recycled paper

Plastic-free packaging!