plastic-free kitchen starter kit
The Kitchen Kit
eco-friendly washing-up sponge
plastic-free paper sandwich bags
plastic-free cotton and cellulose cleaning cloths
beeswax wrap clingfilm alternative birdseed blue
beeswax wrap cling film alternative sundial
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The Kitchen Kit

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**New wrap designs coming soon**

Let’s face it: this starter kit doesn’t exactly get you out of doing the dishes. But it does mean you can wrap up your lunch and make everything squeaky clean without worrying about harming the environment.

Take up our #whatplastic challenge and try out one new product from your kit each day for five days.

This kit contains:

3 x beeswax wraps (assorted sizes)

5 x cleaning cloths

1 x loofah washing up brush

1 x large produce bag

48 x paper sandwich bags

It's time to cross cling film, sandwich bags, washing-up sponges, plastic scrubbers and other nasty plastic products off your shopping list. Hooray!