serving board covered with a beeswax wrap
sandwich and salad wrapped in a beeswax wrap
bowl of salad covered with a beeswax wrap
Beeswax wraps - 3 mixed size
Beeswax wraps - 3 mixed size
Beeswax wraps - 3 mixed size

Beeswax wraps - 3 mixed size

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Ever battled a piece of cling film that’s determined to just scrunch itself up into a big clump? That’s not a problem with this pack of beeswax-coated cotton wraps. They’re the perfect insta-ready substitute for cling film and sandwich bags. So much classier and so much less wasteful!

Also available in packs of two large wraps, one giant bread wrap, and three medium wraps.

How to use them

Cover bowls, wrap stuff up in the fridge, or keep your sandwich all in one piece until lunchtime.

Wipe them over with soap and water to keep them clean. Every few months, iron them between two sheets of greaseproof paper. Peel the wrap away while still wet and hold aloft until dry. And after about a year, when you’re done with them, just put them out for composting.


A three-pack containing:

1 large wrap (33cm x 33cm)

1 medium wrap (26cm x 26cm)

1 small wrap (18cm x 18cm)

Made from

Organic cotton


Tree resin

Jojoba oil

Eco credentials


Made from cotton grown without pesticides (GOTS certified)