Our story

We used to be pretty smug about how much of our plastic waste went into our recycling bin.

But then we found out just how little was actually getting recycled.

Between you and me, the What Plastic crew aren't exactly massive eco-warriors. In fact, we’re pretty lazy. That's why we think people shouldn't have to go miles out of their way to do something good for the environment.

It's also why we champion making small changes that are sustainable. It's what we try to do ourselves - introducing products one at a time until each one becomes a habit - and you know what? It really works.

We started researching plastic-free products in earnest and found that there were all sorts of options out there that we just didn't know about before. Lots of them even turned out to be better than the stuff we'd been using for years.

So we decided to blow their trumpets for them by creating plastic-free starter kits and sending them out into the big wide world...