eco-friendly bamboo toothbrush
wooden toothbrush


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Here’s something to sink your teeth into! With this eco option, you’ve got no excuse for not swapping your toothbrush every few months as your dentist recommends.

The handle is easy to grip and looks pretty swish in your bathroom, while the bristles keep your teeth spic and span.

Like Batman and Robin or fish and chips, every toothbrush needs its toothpaste, so why not stick a jar in your basket? Alternatively, check out our toothpaste tablets.

How to use it

Brush as normal!

You can dispose of the handle safe in the knowledge that it won’t harm the environment.

As for the bristles, they’re still made of plastic because there are currently no alternatives that guarantee your teeth will stay squeaky clean. We've got our fingers crossed that a viable plastic-free bristle will become available in the future.

Made from


BPA-free bristles

Eco credentials

Plastic-free handle