Product Spotlight: String Bags


Stylish organic cotton reusable bags.

These Fair Trade string bags are certified under the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), which means no chemical pesticides or fertilisers are used in the production of the fabric, and farmers must work under safe conditions with an agreed minimum wage.


To avoid single-use plastic bags when shopping. These cotton bags come in long- and short-handled versions to suit any need. Plus they look far more stylish than a supermarket ‘bag for life’!


Take them to the supermarket, work, picnics or clothes shopping… anywhere!


These bags hold up to 40 kg (tried and tested by Which? magazine) so you can fit absolutely loads of shopping into them. They also squash down to fit in handbags and backpacks. And because they’re made from cotton, you can stick them in the machine with your laundry at 30 degrees to keep them looking as good as new.



Turtle Bags was founded in 2001 as a way of responding to the problem of plastics in the marine environment. Its goal is to highlight the plight of turtles, which mistake plastic bags in the sea for their favourite dinner: jellyfish. The company also places a strong emphasis on ethics, and holds both Fair Trade and GOTS organic cotton certifications. Among other things, the company has been involved in a Marine Conservation Society project in Sri Lanka to protect turtle eggs from being harvested for food. The project worked with a group of skilled women to produce bags that would provide an alternative income to harvesting turtle eggs.