Product spotlight: shampoo bars


Shampoo in solid form!

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Ever thought about how many plastic bottles you get through in the shower? What with shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, hair dye and all those other super specialist products, UK households are sending an awful lot of plastic to landfill. Sure, recycling your shampoo bottles is less wasteful, but it still takes energy to turn plastic into something new and it can only actually be recycled once or twice (see our waste hierarchy blog entry for more info on this

So why not use shampoo that comes as a solid bar? It works just as well if not better than your standard branded bottled shampoo and, with a range of flavours available, there’s sure to be a version whose ingredients suit you to a T.


Perched on a swanky soap dish in your shower or next to your bath! You can also take your shampoo bar to the gym, on holiday or on business trips in a travel soap dish or a dry compartment of your wash bag.

plastic-free shampoo bar sea minerals


You can either wet the bar and lather it up in your hands before applying to your hair, or you can rub it straight onto your hair before massaging it in. Rinse it out well and, if you feel you need it, condition your hair afterwards.

It generally takes a week or so to get used to shampoo bars while all of the residue from your old shampoo is getting washed away and your head is adjusting to the right level of oil production. Stick with it and you’ll soon be used to your new shampoo bar.


These brightly coloured bars come from The Soap Shop, a soap manufacturer based in Luton. They’re an approved vegan company, make all of their soaps by hand in the UK, and ensure their products are paraben- and SLS-free. Plus, they’ve worked hard to make an eye-catching product that’s sure to get even the most resistant of teenagers into the shower!