Product spotlight: Recycled toilet paper


Toilet roll made from recycled paper and that’s also packaged in paper. It’s made from things like old text books and office paper, which are sourced locally to the manufacturing plant. And if you’re concerned about your bum’s welfare, don’t be: this loo roll is super soft!


To avoid the single-use plastic packaging that loo roll comes in and to make sure your TP isn’t made from virgin trees.


In your bathroom, downstairs loo, en-suite, etc. You could even introduce it at work. Just think of how much plastic you'd save!

recycled loo roll


We’d really rather not go into too much detail on this (!), so let’s just say it works the same as your average loo roll. If you’re a bit of a TP snob and unsure about making the switch to a plastic-free product, What Plastic sells individual loo rolls so you don’t have to commit to buying in bulk first time. Don’t forget, the paper packaging is all recyclable and can even be used creatively as wrapping paper or a background for your artistic scribblings.


This recycled loo roll is brought to you by Who Gives A Crap? The premise behind the company is not only to provide plastic-free loo roll, but also to help build toilets in places where people don’t have access to basic sanitation. For this reason, they donate 50% of their profits to toilet-building projects.

Toilet roll production takes place in China, creating much-needed jobs in poor areas. Although this means that the product is shipped long distances, WGAC have calculated that the carbon emissions from production and shipping are still lower than they would be if production was located closer to home.

recycled toilet paper rolls

You can order yourself some lovely loo roll here or, if you're feeling adventurous, try it out as part of our bathroom kit.