Packaging Part 1: Shipping

In this short series, we’re looking at all of the packaging that passes through What Plastic HQ. We’re going to kick things off with the packaging we use to ship products to our lovely customers.

Wouldn’t it be great if we didn’t even need to send you a box, or pack it out with fillers, in order to ship products? Sadly that’s not the case, so the best we can do is use packaging that’s as eco-friendly as possible.

Let’s start with our boxes. They’re made from 80% recycled cardboard and are 100% recyclable, reusable & biodegradable. So once all of your products have found themselves a home, please give your box a second lease of life or make sure it ends up in your recycling bin.

what plastic cardboard box ready for shipping   What Plastic starter kit cardboard box ready for shipping

Our boxes aren’t going to make it safely through the post without being taped closed, so our starter kit boxes come with a sticky strip that seals them without the need for additional tape. As for our other boxes, they need a bit of help to stay closed so we seal them using paper parcel tape.

Right, that’s the outside. Now for the packaging you’ll find inside our boxes. One of the things we use is wood wool. As the name suggests, it’s made from wood! The timber is all responsibly sourced to make sure the product is eco-friendly and, because it’s all natural, you can stick it straight in your garden waste bin or on your compost heap once you’ve unpacked.

wood wool packaging   cardboard filler packaging

Some of you might be surprised to find your parcel filled with what looks like those horrible polystyrene peanuts. But don’t worry: the ones we use are actually made from corn starch. Try running some water on them and you’ll see that they instantly dissolve! Like with the wood wool they’re biodegradable so you can stick them on your compost heap and let Mother Nature do her thing.

We also protect some of our products with cardboard packing. The great thing about this cardboard is that much of it is double recycled - we reuse the card that our suppliers pack their deliveries in!

We’re always looking for ways to improve the packaging we use, whether it’s buying boxes made from a higher percentage of recycled material, sourcing eco-friendly ink for our stamps, or looking for more convenient fillers. If you’ve got any suggestions, we’d love to hear them. Our only requirement is that they’re eco-friendly!


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